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“Cuauhtli” production report (November 2023)

It begins… for good.

The comic will be updated either on Fridays or Mondays, depending on whether my daily life gets in the way. However, I cannot guarantee that new pages will be delivered on schedule since this project is a hobby of mine, and I have other responsibilities such as a day job. Anyway, thank you for your leniency in advance.

I remind you, that there is RSS channel for latests updates: and if you have BlueSky account here you have dedicated feed: I am exploring other options for promoting my webcomic, like mirroring it on or Webtoon.

Addressing two elephants in the room

I want to say two important things before they would possibly become a big issues:

  1. This is not historical setting, but a made up fantasy world
  2. While it is intended to be inspired by Mesoamerican precolonial cultures it must not be viewed as historically accurate representation of them.

Moving to next point.

Notes on tone and world building

I used to dislike fantasy because I thought it was just bad imitations of “Lord of the Rings” or “Conan.” But I’ve come to realize that good fantasy is about opening new horizons, exploring different perspectives, and evoking a sense of wonder. Unfortunately, there are some fantasy works that has unhealthy focus on disturbing themes like gratuitous violence, power, domination, and cynicism.

I will not commit myself to this. As the tag line says, my comic is about adventure in a fantasy world inspired by Mesoamerica. That opens possibilities for me to explore alternative social organization and politics because not every fantasy world needs to be a carbon copy of the political pathologies and savagery of medieval and early modern Europe (like in “Game of Thrones”). Also, I think we have enough violence and cynicism in the real world, and for that exact reason, we do not need another Conan-like fantasy about decapitating enemies and molesting women in a savage world. These kinds of fantasies are too dangerous for modern society.

So, don’t anticipate the story to be gloomy and pessimistic, but do bear in mind that there will be some darker elements as well. After all, it is rated for 15+ year old audience for a good reason, intended for striking a balance between light and dark.