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“Cuauhtli” production report (April 2023)

We have a lift-off (sort of)

So it begun… I just uploaded the last page of six page mini-comic as introduction to the main “Cuauhtli” series. You can read it here:

Learning to walk before running

I decided to do a short feature in order to test the techniques and technology for making my webcomic a reality. The process of making that simple mini-comic took six months (!) of trial and error, and that’s fine. Despite the fatigue, there’s also a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with creating something that you’ve poured so much time and energy into. But for now, it’s time for a break and some well-deserved rest.

What’s next?

Burnout is a real thing, so I will take a break from doing any new pages or sketches. For how long? I guess next two weeks should be enough, and after that break I’ll start doing pages for the first chapter. Also I plan to do some extra concept arts and character sheets.